The main parts of the Machines Injection are

a) Clamping unit, serves to place, open to close, operate and hold mold / mold during the injection process lasts.
b) Injection units, consisting of several parts of machines needed for: charging, injection material into mold / molds.
c) Power unit that provides equipment and power supply units for clamping and injection.
d) Control unit, the equipment that regulates the temperature, pressure and time.

Molding is a tool or mold to produce a product by injection.
Broadly divided into two parts molding.
- Core
- That is where the products will be dropped from this section molding.On stick product after injection process. At the time of mold open product remains on the core, after it was dropped with the new ejector or stripper or deceptive wind.
- Mold consists of several systems
- Among others
- Ejector system
- System of a gradual or a combination ejector off-stripper
- System unscrewing
- System of a slide.
Mold is production on the machine must always be maintained, because the injection mold maintenance is something that is very important in the production process, so that it can minimize the damage that occurs during injection mold so as not to disrupt the production process
The treatment goal is the production of injection mold is:
-Reduce and prevent damage during production
-Reduce maintenance costs
-Maintaining production quality in order to keep good
-Ensure the achievement of production schedules.
Mold Treatment during production
Mold moving parts such as:
-Slider, ejector pins, etc. must always be clean and grease to keep slippery. but grease one side can close the venting holes or gaps in provision of grease mold.therefore should not inhibit in area outside venting gap.

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